Against Discrimination

Knowledge doesn’t discriminate. Knowledge only knows the world through fact, and truth. Schools, universities, and other learning centers must capture the essence of knowledge, and thus the ideas that knowledge embodies. I find it absolutely horrendous that we have not recently seen this being upheld. Schools must be places that cultivate learning, that hold a welcoming and comfortable environment for all students. If a student were not to feel comfortable, then their ability to learn has become impaired. Regardless of who a person is, we must all respect them for who they are no matter their sex, sexual orientation, race, beliefs, or any other characteristics of a person, and it is especially important in learning environments.

The recent actions of President Trump is a blunt attack on the liberties of transgender individuals. He has let discrimination of transgender students up to the states by taking away protections put forth for these students. I am completely outraged, and floored with anger. With a completely baseless action, the president has inadvertently allowed for the discrimination of transgender students. I think the biggest thing that gives me the shivers is that these actions give more validation to people wanting to target transgender students. I will not allow for any student, regardless of who they are, become victim to someone else’s terrible actions.

I have understood the world to be a place of suffering, as described in Buddhism. We, as humans, should only strive to alleviate the suffering one another faces. In discriminating transgender students we are causing undue harm to our fellow humans. We are causing more harm. Why do we have to create unnecessary suffering? Why can’t there be an understanding of differences between everyone? It is a simple fact that you will encounter a person that is different than you, but does being different immediately mean that they are bad? Absolutely not.

And while I can only hope that the Supreme Court will make the right decision next month, there is one thing I can do. I can stand with transgender students. I can stand against discrimination. I can stand for what is right. And I urge everyone else to do the same.


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