President Trump’s Inauguration

I don’t like to talk politics that much, partially because it either pisses people off, or makes them uncomfortable. For these reasons, I try not to write so much about policies and things of the like. However, today is one of those days I cannot avoid talking about politics, partially because we have been forced to digest the sobering fact that Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of the United States. I think the first thing for me to say, is that I try to approach everything as unbiased as possible, or at least I try to. And so, I went into watching Trump’s Inauguration with a bad feeling in my stomach, but a cautious optimism that something positive would pop out. But about halfway through viewing Trump’s Inauguration speech, I felt unnerved, and concerned. These feelings have always been there, slightly hidden under the surface, but were especially evident once reality began to set in.

Personally, and I know that other people can have very opposing views, I believe that everyone deserves their basic human rights and is respected as a person. In the United States, might I remind you a first world country, we can’t even provide these basic human rights. Former President Obama attempted to create a society with these kinds of ideals with Obama-care and things of the like. But now, we are in a time of uncertainty.

Today reaffirms the people of the United States of America (by the Electoral College) have chosen their next leader. I understand that this is not the choice of the majority of the United States, but it was the choice of the people necessary to elect a candidate. It was the choice of people in places that mattered. What is important to note, is that not only do the individual states have their elections, but the districts inside them do. These districts have been so strategically placed, that they favor one political party over another. But I digress.

I find that regardless of political affiliation, today was a historical moment. We like to forget things like that. We like to forget that 43 out of last 44 presidents were white. We like to forget that Andrew Jackson forced Native Americans out of their homes and into Reservations. Or how FDR forced Japanese-Americans into internment camps. We like to forget everything wrong that happened in America because we have an idealized understanding of what it should be. We like to forget that America has always had a racist past. And so, the election of Donald Trump shouldn’t have been a surprise, but it was. We believed that we were over all the dehumanizing crap. Today we have seen protests, demonstrations, concerned citizens, and most of all, a queasy feeling that has settled in the beer gut of America.

And we have two options: throw up all we have known, or swallow the big horse pill, we call Donald Trump. I leave the American population with these two options. The blue pill, or the red pill. And it’s time to decide.


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