New Year, New Thing I Should Do To Better Myself

I guess the first thing I will say is that this isn’t meant to be polished, or well-edited, this is just suppose to be a way for me to say stuff. And if it turns out that I want it to be something more that just random thoughts, then it will be. While I don’t necessarily agree with all aspects of “Turning a New Leaf” for the new year, I do believe that it is good to reinvent yourself every so often. If that means that making New Years resolutions is your thing, go for it, because you’re the better person for it. For me, I don’t think of the typical New Years resolutions as being as productive as they should be, or might I say, helpful to better myself. Resolution lists usually include something to do with working out, saving money, and being nicer to other people. And as one of my friends had posted on Instagram says that you shouldn’t wait until the New Year to become a better person. This fact resonates with me so much that I don’t understand why we don’t reinvent ourselves everyday. In every, or almost every culture, there is a ritual for the New Year, there’s the Chinese New Year, the American New Year, and yet we place an increasing significance to one day in particular. Why does it matter that just one day deserves this title? Why do we attempt to answer all our problems by looking forward to a certain time?

But, I will say, it generally helps a population re-evaluate itself by analysing what went wrong with the recent past. New Years for me was spent at a friend’s house attempting to learn the piano section of Runaway by Kanye West (knowing that piano was so foreign to me) in the frigid Alaskan wilderness. This was followed by setting off fireworks by the edge of a frozen lake, contemplation of the upcoming year, and a reflection of the past 12 months. Knowing I got to the point I am now, in what amounts to just a few months is an absolutely mind trip that I still can’t get over. I am in the beginning part of the spring semester of my freshman year at the University of Southern California. But it seems like it shouldn’t have happened. And so the New Year gave me time to celebrate and contemplate the massive opportunity I have been given. But back on New Years in Alaska, my birthplace and my home for 18 years of my life, I was able to speak to some of my high school friends that are about to take that monumental step. Whether it be college, or vocational school, or a job is something that has become America’s coming-of-age ceremony. Something that isn’t as painful as some rituals in the Amazon that involve bullet ants and a high pain tolerance, but America’s coming-of-age is less about pain, and more about becoming independent. And in some way the push to leave the family “nest” is another iteration of reinvention. The concept of new and newness has been a factor in consideration of what makes something better. We enjoy new cars, new classes, new people, and by extension: New Years.

I say all of this to preface the fact that I am starting a blog, something that is “new” and “fresh” to me. Something that I haven’t explored until now. Something that puts my ideas into the ether, whether they be original, or not. I am also writing partially because I’m scared that my thoughts won’t be documented, that they wouldn’t have been heard. A blog is the best place to do this, simply a place for my thoughts to go on a server somewhere other than my mind. I feel that I can’t share these ideas through any other means because they all have a specific intention. For example, Instagram is meant for artsy photos, Tumblr is meant for gifs, Twitter is meant for the smart one-liners, Facebook is meant for Farmville, and blogs, specifically WordPress is meant for longer, essay like writing. And, so that is why I find it appropriate to write whatever is on my mind in this specific place. It’s a New Year, or will be, depending on what calendar you go by, (although I still am in 2016 because I haven’t gotten a new calender yet) and whatever reformation a person is attempting to implement is something that I will applaud. I love new things, and so I hope you love this new blog!




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